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Central departments of MES
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Eight departments have been established at the central level to run the Society, which work under the direct supervision of Director of MES.

  1. Directorate of Planning
  2. School Development Council
  3. Minhaj Education Board
  4. Directorate of Research and Curriculum
  5. Directorate of Teachers Training
  6. Minhaj Services Department
  7. Finance Department
  8. Audit Department

Directorate of Planning

This department is responsible for establishing new educational institutes and is composed of the heads of other branches of MES and Assistant Directors of Education. Its job also includes working out plans for up-gradation and development of already existing institutes. It also prepares proposals for approval of decisions by Administrative Council. Resolving the problems faced by the educational institutions falls under the ambit of its functions.

School Development Council

It represents a team of professional who belong to the major educational institutions of Pakistan that formulate course of action for development and up-gradation of schools/colleges of MES.

Minhaj Education Board

It is important sub-branch of MES, which conducts examinations twice a year in an organized and coordinated manner in order to increase the educational level of Minhaj Schools. It also arranges scholarship examination for the students of 4th and 11th grades. The educational institutions working under MES get themselves registered with this branch. Its core functions include preparation of question papers on term-wise basis, printing of papers, appointment of superintendents and supervisory staff, and the conduct of prize awarding ceremony to the students.

Directorate of Research and Curriculum

This department is responsible for modifying the syllabi being taught in the educational institutions of MES in keeping with the demands of contemporary age and Islamic system of education. This department makes an effort that syllabi taught in educational institutions should combine elements of Islam, Pakistan’s Ideology and modern science so that the succeeding generations could be equipped well enough to undertake the future challenges in a proactive manner. DCR gets the books compiled both in Urdu and English medium classes. These books are not only beneficial for the students of Minhaj Schools but also other students and the youth.

Directorate of Teachers’ Training

Teachers Training is an essential component to improving the quality of education and production of quality workforce capable of meeting the challenges thrown in by the forces of globalization. This Directorate undertakes training programs for the teachers aimed at their capacity building and broadening of intellectual horizons so that they could play their role in a befitting manner.

Minhaj Services Department

This department provides complete uniforms, text books, receipt books, note books, and other related material. It makes sure that inexpensive books are available for the students at an affordable rates in this age of skyrocketing inflation etc.

Accounts Department

This department seeks to maintain accounts of MSD and MES.

Audit Department

This department conducts audit of MES and MSD. In addition to this, conducting the audit of all schools under MES is also one of the important responsibilities of this department.