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Minhaj English Medium School
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Minhaj Girls Model School
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Minhaj Cadet School
Aims and Objectives
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The objectives set by any institution indicate the destination it seeks to attain.

Basic Purpose of MES

  • The production of such generation of youth through its educational institutions who are not only equipped with modern and classical education but are also aware of their national responsibilities.


  • Minhaj Education Society aims to foster critical inquiry and a spirit of research and intellectual exploration through state of the art educational curriculum.
  • Undertaking annual and bi-annual planning for the conduct of examination in time for division of curriculum.


  • Training the students studying in educational institutions under MES along national, moral, spiritual, intellectual and ideological lines that may brush up their talents and personality.

Curricular & extra-curricular activities

  • Polishing the natural capabilities among the students through co-curricular activities and creating in them the confidence and ability to express themselves.
  • The conduct of sports activities in educational institutions under MES.

Provision of Quality Education

  • The objective of schools and colleges working under the banner of Minhaj Education Society is to impart quality and standardized education in accordance with international level.
  • Ensuring the quality but inexpensive education.
  • Minhaj Education Society seeks to create such opportunities which create passion among the students to move on and make their mark in life.


  • Familiarizing the students with manners and etiquettes of talking and conducting themselves in different situations.
  • Turning them into socially productive and responsible citizens through inculcation of civic values.

Uniform Education System

  • One of the purposes espoused by Minhaj Education Society is to provide such platform whereby uniform educational system could be made possible in the country.


  • Familiarizing the students with modern research, tools and imperatives
  • Fostering passion for research among the students

Pakistan Ideology

  • Taking practical steps for inculcation of Islamic values and Pakistan’s ideology in the minds of the students.

Recreational activities

The arrangement of recreational activities at different locations in the country so that the students could pursue their educational passions with interests and nourish their mind in the company of nature.

Moral orientation

  • Imparting spiritual and moral training of the students studying in educational institutions under Minhaj Education Society with the help of ‘charts’ so that they could also become good human beings in addition to be educationally literate.

Training of Teachers

  • The refresher courses are arranged for the training of the teachers in accordance with the modern demands.

Implementing policies of Education Department

  • Minhaj Education Society stays in touch with the Educational Departments for better guidance of students so that policies announced by the government could also be implemented.

Provision of scholarships

  • The provision of scholarships to the students who perform well for their encouragement.

The conduct of seminars and conferences

  • MES also arranges various seminars and conferences to highlight the importance of education among the parents in rural areas etc.