Minhaj College

Quality of education has been the pinpoint of discussion for intellectuals thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has replaced with information has controlled weapons.

Message from Dean

As Dean of College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences, I extend a warm welcome to all of you as you enter the vibrant community of Minhaj University, Lahore to pursue higher education. By joining MUL, you will become part of the new generation of students and scholars who will be well equipped with modern knowledge in their respective fields of study, carrying Islamic spirit and values. I expect that after graduating from MUL you will play a leading role in the progress of the Pakistan and at international level.

College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences (COSIS) is the backbone of Minhaj University and it aims to promote appreciation of Islamic law as one of the world's major legal system, It is dedicated to achieving excellence in the study of Islamic sciences through objective and comparative methods. The field of Shariah and Islamic We focus on the appreciation of Islamic Sciences in the contemporary world. Science contemporary thought and practice draw continually on fourteen century record of Islamic juristic writings and legal practice, study of this record demands equal attention. The college has established and will continue to establish strong relationships with scholars and institutions abroad. It aims to equip its students in professional skills, sound and perfect knowledge expertise and substantial experience in teaching and research. Under the dynamic leadership of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri and Sahibzada Hassan Mohiyuddin you will get an opportunity to learn and shape your lives under a blissful atmosphere of the institution.

Prof. Dr. M. Akram Rana Ph.D (UK)
Dean faculty of Islamic studies Minhaj University, Lhr.
(Ex Chairman & Director Faculty of Islamic Studies BZU, Multan)