Minhaj College

Quality of education has been the pinpoint of discussion for intellectuals thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has replaced with information has controlled weapons.

Teaching Faculty

Permanent Staff of MCW

Sr.#  Name  Qualification  Designation  Subject
1 Ms. Yasmeen Zafar M.A. History , Pak. Studies I.U. Bahawalpur, B.Ed. B.Z.U. Multan
M.Ed. AIOU Islamabad
M.Phil. Minhaj University Lahore
Coordinator Administration Research.
2 Ms. Arifa Tariq M.A. Education P. U. Lahore
M.A. IslamiyatP.U.Lahore
M.PhilIsl. StdMinhaj University Lahore
Coordinator B.S Program
Assistant Professor
Isl. Stu./ Education
3 Ms. Humaira Naz Hafiz-ul-Quran
M.A. (Arabic) P.U. Lahore
M.A. (Isl. Stu) P.U. Lahore
M.Ed. AIOU Islamabad
M.Phil. Isl. Std Minhaj University Lahore
Incharge M.phil Program
Assistant Professor
Arabic/Isl. Stu
4 Mr. Ghulam Ahmed M.A. Isl. Stu. & Arabic
Shahadat ul Aalamiya
M.Phil. Isl. Std
Minhaj University Lahore Ph.D(Scholar)
Incharge Shariah Departmebnt Assistant Professor Sharia Subjects Specialty Hadith
5 Ms. Rehana Tariq M.A. Economics P.U. Lahore, M.A. Education AIOU Islamabad, MCS AICS Lahore, One Year Computer Diploma MCW. Lahore, Teachers Training Courses Intel. Pakistan
M.phil (Scholar)
Incharge IT Department
Assistant Professor
6 Ms.Shazia Butt M.A.Isl. Stu,P.U. Lahore
M.Phil Isl. Stu. Minhaj University Lahore
Arabic Fazil, Tanzeem-ul-Madar is
Diploma in Arabic Language.
Ph.D. Islamic Studies(Scholar)U.M.T
Lecturer Sharia Subjects Speciality Seerat
7 Mr. Afzal Kanjoo M.A. Islamic Studies P.U.Lahore
M.A.Arabic P.U.Lahore
M.Phil.Islamic Studies Minhaj University Lahore
Ph.D. Islamic Studies(Scholar) Minhaj University Lahore
AssistantProfessor Sharia Subjects
8 Ms. Sadia Almas M.A.(Isl. Stu.)P.U. Lahore
M.Phill.Isl. Stu.,
Minhaj University Lahore
Shahadatul Aaliya, M.C.W.Lahore
Arabic Fazil, Tanzeem-ul-Mdaris
B.Ed. AIOU Islamabad
Incharge Shariah Department Assistant Professor Subjects Speciality fiqh
9 Ms. Kalsoom Tariq M.A. Isl. Stu.,P.U. Lahore
B.Ed. A.I.O.U. Islamabad
Shahadat ul Aaliya, M.C.W.Lahore
Arabic Fazil, Tanzeem-ul-Madaris M.Phil (Scholar)
Lecturer Sharia Subjects / Isl. Stu.
10 Ms. ShamaQadir M.A. Isl. Stu. P.U.Lahore
B.Ed .AIOU Islamabad
Shahadat-ul-Alia MUL
Arabic FazalAIOU Islamabad
ATTC AIOU M.Phil (Scholar)
Lecturer Sharia Subjects
11 Mr. Noor-uz-zamanNoori M.A Arabic & Isl. Stu. PU.Lahore M.A. Political Science P.U.Lahore B.Ed. P.U.Lahore LLB. PU Lahore M. Phil Minhaj University Lahore Ph.D Minhaj University Lahore (Scholar) Lecturer Sharia Subjects
12 Ms. HumairaAkhtar M.A English lit. PU
M. Phil MUL
B.Ed (EU Lahore)
Lecturer English
13 Ms. Fozia Aziz M.A English (Literature). BZU.
B.Ed, M.Ed, AIOU Islamabad
M.S Applied Linguistics,
UMT. Lahore
Lecturer English Language
14 Ms. UmmeHabiba M.A.Isl. Stu.
Minhaj University Lahore
M.Phil. Isl. Stu.
Minhaj University Lahore
Shahadat ul Aaliya, MCW Lahore
Lecturer Sharia Subjects
15 Ms. Asfa Safdar M.A. Education AIOU
M.A. Isl. Stu. PU
m.Phil Education (Scholar) MUL
Lecturer/ Co.Exam Education
16 Mr.Qari Hasnain Fareed M.A Islamic Studies
Shahadat ul Almia
Lecturer Sharia Subjects
17 Ms. Javeria Hassan Ph.d Islamic Thought and Civilization (Scholar)
Islami Law B.ed, IELTS, Arabic Language(UCP), ESOL (English Language Course)
Director Department of Training Tarjum-ul-Quran
18 Mr. Aftab Qadri M.A Pol.sciences (P.U)
Shahada-tul-Aalmiya (MUL)
B.ed (AIOU)
DIT (Punjab Board)
M.Phil Islamic Study(Scholar)
Lecturer Modern Islamic Thoughts
19 Mr. Wasif-ullah-Jan MA Arabic University of Peshawar
MA Islamiyat, Diploma in Arabic
M.Ed University of Peshawar
ShahadatulAlmiaTanzeem-ul- Madaris
Hafiz-ul-Quran Tanzeem-ul- Madaris
P.hd (Scholar) University of Peshawar
Lecturer Sharia Subjects
20 Ms. Sumaira Sajjad  M.A Economics Incharge Intermediate Program Lecturer
21 Ms. Khadija Arif MA Economics University of Punjab
B.Ed (Elementary) University of Education
ESOL (English Language Course)
Assistant Computer Lab
Business Mathematics
22 Ms.FatimaTabassum M.Phil Physiology   Lecturer
23 Ms.Mamoona Fatima M.Phil Mathematics (Scholar)   Lecturer