Minhaj College

Quality of education has been the pinpoint of discussion for intellectuals thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has replaced with information has controlled weapons.

Code of Examination

All the students will have to abide by the following code of examination:
  • Students will be judged through monthly test analysis report.
  • On not showing satisfactory performance in the send-up and monthly tests, students will not be permitted to appear in the Board/University Exams.
  • In case of serious illness during a home examination, the students will have to appear in the re-test Otherwise; they will be expelled from the College roll.
  • All the dues must be cleared before sitting in examination.
  • Students who use unfair means or cheat during the Exam will have to face the disciplinary action and their paper will be cancelled.
  • Students with F. Grade in home Exams are not allowed to appear in External Exams.
  • Internal and External System of Assessment
  • Monthly test
  • Send-up examination/Midterm test.
  • Annual Exams of Shariah.
  • Attendance
  • Students are expected to meet the required attendance. Those who attend at least80% lectures of the academic year are eligible for External Exams. by qualifying the standard set by BISE and PU. If they do not attend the recommended lectures, they will not be allowed to appear in external Exams. However, the administration arranges make-up classes so that the students may sit for Exams.
  • Pass Marks
  • In the College, students will have to secure at least 40% marks, both in Shariah and Asriyah subjects.
  • Marks less than the set standard are considered as failure.

Examination Policy

  • Passing marks are 40%.
  • Students must pass the send up Exam with 45% aggregate marks for eligibility for Board/ University final Exam.
  • Students are not allowed to appear in the examination if dues are not clear.
  • 80% attendance is compulsory for the home examination.
  • Students using unfair means are liable to be expelled from the College.
  • Students who fail in two or more Shariah and Asria subjects will be given a chance to clear in the supplementary examination.
  • In case of absence from midterm or annual Exam; the student will be expelled.

Supplementary Examination

  • Student can give supplementary examination within two years after annual examination. If she does not contact to college administration within two years, then college will cancel her result.
  • Student will be allowed to give supplementary examination, if she is fail in any of the papers of annual Shariah examination.
  • If she is again fail in supplementary examination, then college council or Principal has the authority to held special supplementary
    2000/- per paper
    1000/- per assignment