Minhaj College

Quality of education has been the pinpoint of discussion for intellectuals thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has replaced with information has controlled weapons.

The spirit of Minhaj College for Women

The spirit of Minhaj College for Women  is indeed the missionary spirit of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, who laid down the firm foundation of this college for women realizing the need of development of spiritual insight and religious training of women folk.  His focus is on higher sense of morality, human values and dedication to Islamic culture and life. His spirit is a kindled spirit which is free from stereo-typed notions of religion and morality but delved deep into the essence of teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him!).

The Minhaj College for Women is more than a college: it is  a community, a movement towards the pursuit of excellence of the highest in the world's best order, Islam. It is not only a kind of reformation but also renaissance in true Islamic spirit under the guidance of Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Its soul is the attainment of highest peak of piety through specific purgatory training-camps, itekaf and kindled lectures. Those who come to learn at M.C.W.  leave it with a wider appreciation of human values and display devotion to Mustafavi Mission; their tolerance to people comes from a sense of religious responsibility. Thus, their lives flourish in true Islamic spiritualism.

The graduates of Minhaj excel by virtue of their special training that moulds them into true examplary individuals. The celestial light of Minhaj is reflected both in students and faculty. Indeed, Minhaj College for Women is a tradition of preparing women for the coming challenges of modern world in accordance with true Islamic teachings.