About Research Club

This research Club seeks to develop an international Islamic seat of higher learning, research instruction and training at various branches of knowledge with special emphasis on Islamic Studies. This club tries to identify and bring up the interested and talented female students and to provide opportunity and grounds for doing research. For this purpose, the club serves several major functions:

  1. Conduct Research based activates: encouraging the members to conduct studies, lecture and scientific research tours.
  2. Organize research based seminars.
  3. Hire qualified learned research scholars from reputed institutions as supervisors on different research subjects.
  4. Maintain Training classes.
  5. Research Club provides a specialized service designed for visiting research centers and different libraries for female students with all mean of comfort and ease.
  6. Research Club facilitates students for project bases research.
  7. The research Club is equipped with modern tools of research providing all possible ways for enhanced primary research.
  8. Research Club conduct bi-annual “Research training Seminar” and conduct workshops on different research topics.

Research Club provides opportunity for talented researchers to get their research work published in college research journal and im other accredited research journal.